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  • 29 small bedroom ideas – the best ways to decorate and furnish a small bedroomTamara Kellyon January 18, 2021 at 11:00 am

29 small bedroom ideas – the best ways to decorate and furnish a small bedroomTamara Kellyon January 18, 2021 at 11:00 am

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Looking for small bedroom ideas? Our small bedroom design ideas can turn a tiny cramped space into a must-see retreat with practical storage solutions and enviable interior design schemes. Even the most humble of box rooms has the ability to serve as a comfortable small bedroom, and clever use of furniture can turn it into a multi-functional space too, incorporating useful study and storage areas.

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Careful planning and a dash of inspiration are all that’s needed to maximise a small bedroom’s potential. Take a look at these small bedroom and single bedroom ideas before you start decorating.

Small bedroom ideas

1. Build storage around the bed

small bedroom with storage built around the bed

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Bespoke wardrobes are the most effective way to get the most out of your bedroom storage. Building wardrobes either side of the bed help to create a frame which holds the gaze on that one wall. This allows the remaining walls to be free of any obstructions which will take up valuable space. Use the other walls for artwork or mirrors instead. you could use the space further by creating storage above the bed too, just be mindful not to make the decor feel dated – or claustrophobic with too much going on. If in doubt keep the shelving above the bed to a simple floating shelf, one on which to keep an alarm clock and display trinkets.

2. Reflect on surface choices

Small bedroom ideas with mirrored furniture

Image credit: Colin Poole

Double the feel of a small bedroom by using reflective surfaces to create the optical illusion of continuing space. Who hasn’t walked into a bar and thought it was double the size, only to realise it was a clever use of mirrors which led you to believe so? Mirrored wardrobes, a reflect shiny wall covering and mirrored bedside tables are used in the compact bedroom to make the space feel bigger than it is. Maybe using all three is too overwhelming, fear not – the same principles work by using only  a single one of the these elements. Think about where you can best instal reflective surfaces when designing your small bedroom layout.

3. Create an illusion of space with clever decorating

small bedroom with clever paint effect half way up the wall

Image credit: Dulux

Paint is a marvellous solution for so many decorating problems. Not only can a splash of colour instantly help to invigorate a space, making it feel more inviting. It can also be used in a way that helps to combat wider aesthetic issues, such as making small spaces feel bigger. Take for instance this small bedroom, where a combination of colours has helped to create a border, and therefore has created a new perspective for the walls. An optical illusion of sorts.

The thoughtful combination of Dulux’s Denim drift on the bottom half, met by a slim dado-style border of Spiced Honey, topped by Tranquil Dawn helps to break the room – lengthening the walls. A great paint solution to tackle the perils of small spaces.

4. Double your headboard as storage

Image credit: Simon Whittaker

If space is in short supply, ditch the usual style of headboard for one like this with a gap for storage and a surface area, where you can place things. This means you can do away with bulky bedside tables, as you’ll have a convenient spot to stash your bedtime reading. Go one better and install wall lamps too.

5. Build storage into awkward spaces

small bedroom with shelving in alcoves

Image credit: Jody Stewart

Whether your small bedroom has alcoves or awkward spaces caused by eaves make the most of them by creating smart storage solutions. The architectural nature of alcoves provides the perfect place to feature a run of open shelves, with bespoke cupboards below. the shelves are ideal for housing books and things you wish to have on display, while the cupboards are perfect for bigger storage needs, to conceal items such as extra bedding or boxes of life admin.

6. Double up your dressing table

bedroom desk area

Tim Young

Never before have we been so confined within the walls of our homes, looking for ways to use each space in alternative ways. while it’s not ideal to work or have your computer in the bedroom, but can your dressing table double up as a writing desk? Even if it’s just somewhere to peacefully gather your thoughts and write your to do list, it’s worth keeping the surface area clear rather than cluttering it with lotions and potions.

7. Elevate storage off the floor

Hanging a storage unit on the wall instead of having a bedside table that sits on the floor will instantly free up space and one with a drop down desk will give you somewhere to sit and do your make up or place your morning coffee.

8. Use uplifting colour to open up the space

small bedroom design idea with yellow

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Using an uplifting colour, such as a sunshine yellow, can help to invigorate any small space, just be mindful of how you use the colour. Painting the bright colour up to mid room height will help to anchor the colour to the bottom half of the room.  Finish the rest of the painting in a bright white or similar neutral to help keep the look airy and spacious.

Allow the added splash of colour to determine a tonal palette for bedding, accessories and floor rugs to create a cohesive look.

9. Wall mount the lighting

wall mounted bedside light

Image credit: David Giles

Wall-mounted lighting in a small bedroom can help to free up some much needed surface space. Using the wall allows you to perfectly place the task lighting to enhance the layout.

10. Step things up with vertical storage

Image credit: David Giles

Ladder storage is a great way to achieve the benefit of wall shelving whilst having the flexibility to move it when you want to change things around. This one perfectly suits this tight space in the bedroom but it could just as easily work in the bathroom or a small sitting room.

11. Buy a wardrobe with a sliding door


Image credit: The Cotswold Company

Barely have space to move in your bedroom, but have lots of clothes that need a home? Try a wardrobe with a sliding door. This piece features a full-height rail on one side, together with five drawers and a half-height wardrobe above with removable shelves.

Buy now: Malvern mink wardrobe with sliding door, £1,250, The Cotswold Company

12. Swap the bed for a sofa bed

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Carolyn Barber

When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating a wall bed instead of a traditional sofa bed. It takes a standard mattress, offering greater comfort, and can fold away to look like a wardrobe or cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for a desk and chair.

Ensure that the surrounding furniture is lightweight so that it can easily be moved to accommodate a pull-down bed. If you have adequate ceiling height, look at bespoke options, such as a simple mezzanine incorporating a sleeping area on a raised platform with a wardrobe or shelving below.

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13. Put storage in place at new heights

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Like any small space, the key to a successful compact bedroom is to create adequate storage within a functional layout. Often in a small guest room, a couple of large, hard-working pieces of furniture will create a less cluttered look than several small pieces.

When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating floating shelves, or (if your budget allows) bespoke fitting above the bed for a streamlined look that won’t compromise your space.

14. Hang a space-saving headboard

wall hung headboard

Image credit: Dan Duchars

You wouldn’t think a headboard would take up much space, but some designs can be deceptive. Where every inch of space counts look for alternative ways to add interest to a bedroom wall, without compromising on valuable space. A quirky wall-hung headboard is a genius way to add a finishing touch to a bedstead, without having to encroach on the space. this smart idea also saves the costs of buying a new bed when tastes  or trends change, simply create a new backdrop for the bed by way of a new wall hanging.

15. Pick a theme for your small space

Pick a theme

Make a small bedroom appear larger by choosing a predominantly white look and peppering it with a specific decorative motif such as flowers and leaves.

Combine neutral flooring with crisp white walls, delicate florals and minimal accessories for a chic, life-enhancing bedroom. This scheme is a masterclass in using complementary colours to make a space sing.

Keep furniture pale and lightweight rather than dark and solid, going for a metal bedstead and cafe-style bedside table.

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16. Look to use symmetry in your small bedroom

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Jason Ingram

A simple, perfectly balanced design scheme can be the saving grace of a small twin bedroom. Metal bedsteads are good space savers – but ring the changes with an unusual finish such as polished brass. Dress the beds in pure white linen and pastel-coloured wool blankets with a neutral/patterned duo of cushions to finish. Fit wall-mounted lamps to free up space on a shared bedside table.

17. Luxuriate in colour

small bedrooms ideas using  blue

Image credit: Colin Poole

Think you can’t add colour to a small bedroom? Think again! Tight spaces are a great for experimenting with colour, texture and design.

Combine petrol blue and aqua tones for a near-combustible mix; choose sumptuous silks and rich velvets for tactile bedspreads, cushions and curtains. But amidst these deep, rich shades, hold back a little white for ceilings and window frames.

18. Create a feature wall

small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Malcolm Menzies

Be bold with a striking wallpaper and eye-catching artwork and turn a single wall into the main focus of a small bedroom. Opt for a restricted colour palette with crisp white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isn’t overly busy and introduce a splash of colour to liven up the scheme a notch.

19. Use multifunctional furniture

small bedroom ideas: blanket box at the foot of a bed

Image credit: Dan Duchars

When space is at a premium, multifunctional furniture comes into its own. Look for pieces that can double up, such as a storage ottoman that can be used at the foot of the bed as a seat while acting also acting as the ideal place for extra blankets and layers to pull out at a moments notice. Keeping the extra bedding out of sight helps to create a clutter-free space, which contributes to making the space feel bigger.

20. Paint a small bedroom white

White bedroom ideas

Jason Ingram

Decorate walls and ceilings in white to visually open up a small space and free you to use colour and pattern in a controlled way elsewhere.

Then go to town with cottage garden florals – against the plain background they won’t overpower a small bedroom.

Let colourful fabrics take centre stage with a bold, red patterned bedspread and cushions that contrast with the rest of the room.

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21. Use the space behind the bed to store out of sight

headboard storage

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Make storage less visible by incorporating it into an unassuming area, such as the space behind the bed. Cleverly disguised units, most likely found at IKEA, will create a form of interest at the head of the bed in place of a headboard but will double up as hidden storage. This is the perfect place to keep extra blankets, hot water bottles and other bedtime essentials. It could also be an ideal storage solution for freshly laundered bedding, to ensure it’s close to hand come sheet changing day.

22. Create a cool work zone

In a kid’s room, take over part of the wardrobe space to create a cool work zone. Installing a wall lamp and hanging a pin board where you can fix pots for pens and other knick knacks will keep the desk space free for focusing on the important stuff.

23. Duplicate a pattern

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Don’t be afraid to use pattern in a small bedroom. Pick one design, such as polka dots, and assign it to walls and soft furnishings for a smart, tightly controlled decorating scheme.

Where space is at premium, choose your furniture with storage potential in mind: bedside cabinets over tables; an end-of-bed blanket box over a sofa.

24. Put a peg rail in place

small bedroom ideas with a peg rail

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Peg rails are not just for traditional Shaker kitchens. Use a simple peg rail in a bedroom to elevate any additional storage needs in a small bedroom space. Hang pictures, mirrors or even items of clothing to keep items off the floor. The versatile pegs allow for flexible storage, which will ensure every inch of space is useable.

25. Make it minimal

Symmetry is your friend when you need to strip back to essentials in a small room. Double up on bedside cabinets and lighting for an uncomplicated, easy-on-the-eye scheme. Use hits of duplicated colour to create visual balance and add definition and energy.

Pick a pale colour palette as a fail-safe space enhancer. Here, soft neutrals add just the right amount of warmth, while the minimal wall decorations draw the eye to the bed and keep it there.

26. Keep the colour scheme neutral

Cream bedroom

Image credit: Future PLC

Create a restful feel in a guest bedroom with chalky cream walls, a pale upholstered headboard and a luxurious off-white satin throw.

Stick to neutrals for as much of the room as you dare so that items don’t compete with each other for attention and the space appears less cluttered. But do feel free to add in the odd warmer tones to prevent the scheme from feeling cold and clinical.

27. Think outside the box

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

If you love bold prints or texture, don’t shy away from your favourite pattern in a small bedroom.

Whether it’s on walls or soft furnishings, make a feature out of a strong design: papering one wall with flocked or floral wallpaper will stop the pattern from taking over the small room, but will still achieve the desired finish.

28. Repeat a single motif

small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Colin Poole

Keep the decorative elements of a small room pared back by choosing a single motif – such as the heart – and running with it. Use it in two or three forms, such as artwork, accessories and soft furnishings, and in varying scales and the cohesive, contained scheme that results will free your space of clutter and confusion.

Restrict colour to accessories and the room will be easy to update whenever you feel like it.

29. Look to furniture with form and function

Small bedroom ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Most homes suffer from bottlenecks so think laterally too about how to free up space. Can a small bedroom have wardrobes in the hall outside, with dressing room appeal? Challenge your preconceptions, but do make sure any solution is practical.

Another option is to go for a statement bed and little else, as we’ve done here. If you follow this route, use a bed that offers plenty of in-built hidden storage, or space underneath to store boxes and vacuum bags.

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Which colour is best for a small bedroom?

Generally speaking white and neutral are thought best for decorating small spaces, especially small bedrooms because the colours are calming and tranquil. Having said that there are ways in which you can incorporate colour into a small bedroom space without overwhelming the space. Clever paint techniques mean you can introduce colour in a way that opens up the space, to great a sense of generosity within the space – and for this any colour goes. The key is to be mindful of the layout, for instance does the bedroom. have plenty of natural light? Read here for more bedroom colour scheme ideas.

How do I arrange my small bedroom?

Try to minimise clutter to instantly make the room feel more spacious. A clutter-free bedroom is also key to getting s good night’s sleep too. Try to minimise the amount of furniture within a small bedroom, by being resourceful with clever multifunctional pieces – the sideboard that also acts as a dressing table for instance. Because there’s no escaping bigger bulky pieces of essential furniture, such as beds and wardrobes. Where you can opt for elevate designs, those on legs rather than flush to the ground in order to free up floor space. Let’s no forget the storage potential for under beds, to keep items out of sight – just be sure it is stored out of sight at all times. The aim is to keep as much off the floor to create a sense of space, look up at the ceiling to remind yourself of the floorspace within the room.

And of course make sure the space is comforting, whether large or small this is always the most important factor when arranging a bedroom layout.

Will you be using any of these small bedroom ideas to decorate your compact space?

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