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  • 31 Day Love Your Home Challengeon March 23, 2020 at 10:00 am

31 Day Love Your Home Challengeon March 23, 2020 at 10:00 am

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31 Day Love Your Home Challenge

Let’s bring back the 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge!

I’ve always enjoyed doing the simple, everyday things I can do to feel cozier, more content and comfortable in my home. In this unsettling season as “quarantined homebodies”, I think we all long to bring more peace to our home. We can’t do everything we normally do. Our daily habits are changing. Our sense of community is changing. How we work, play and function every day isn’t the same as it was before. Anxiety is high for many. We need to take care of ourselves in every way we can right now.

Five years ago this month (!) my very first book, New York Times bestseller Love The Home You Have was released. I can’t believe it has been five years! So many people used the concepts and encouragement within to find more joy in their home. I’m so glad it continues to be of help, maybe now more than ever! In fact, I just got a message from someone this weekend who was going through the book again. She said that it was bringing a sense of normalcy and peace to her days! That made me so happy and it inspired me.

In the back pages of Love the Home You Have there is a special “31 day Love Your Home Challenge.” Each day offers an actionable housekeeping task, a simple project or a fun idea you could use that day to fall in love with your home. The simple daily activities can be enjoyed even in our current quarantined circumstances, or easily adapted to fit your situation.

31 Day Love Your Home Challenge

E-book Sale! Love the Home You Have, and Make Room for What You Love are only $2.99!

If you don’t have a copy of the book, the ebook version of Love the Home You Have is currently on sale for $2.99 (as well as my book Make Room for What You Love, another fun book for this season!) You can find it through any of your favorite ebook retailers. I would highly recommend getting a copy of the book to read in this season and for inspiration as you go through the challenges.

31 Day Love Your Home Challenge

The 31 Day Love Your Home Challenge!

If you would like to participate in this challenge, there will be a few ways you can do so. Grab your copy of the book and get started! Or you can choose to join in and share the challenge with others!

The daily activities from the challenge will be posted every day in The Inspired Room Community. If you’d like, you can post photos of you and your home there as you complete the day’s activity. You can also follow along with the daily challenges on my Instagram stories daily.

You can also return to this blog post and post a comment when you’ve completed a challenge, we’d love that! My blog doesn’t allow photos in the comments, though, so if you want to share photos you’ll need to do that in our Facebook group or on your social media.

Share your daily Love Your Home challenge on your social media to help inspire others and fill the newsfeed with the love of home! Use the hashtags #lovethehomeyouhave and #loveyourhomechallenge so we can find you on Instagram! Be sure to tag me @theinspiredroom, too.

I’m excited! Let’s do this.

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