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Do I Need A Rug Pad?

Do I Need A Rug Pad?

Rug Pads – Safeguard Your Costly Floors

A quote reads, “Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet, and the rest will fall into place”. Yes, you have spent considerably on the flooring in your home. So, to safeguard it, you have used rugs. But, have you ever thought of providing an additional level of protection? Thanks to rug pads! They will come handy for you.

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non slip rug pad

What is a rug pad?

Are you new to the term “rug pad”? Then, here is an introduction. It is a sticky buffer that you will have to place between your floor and rug. You can imagine it to be a double-sided tape. But, the unique feature of rug pads is that they will not leave any residue. On the other hand, the actual tape would leave residue in your rug. This pad can provide a base for your rug. In turn, it protects not just your floor, but also your rug from fraying around the edges. Even, it will safeguard the rugs from wear and prevents holes.

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Benefits of using a rug pad:

Here are four valuable benefits that you can get when you use a rug pad in your home:

  1. It provides an additional level of comfort. The reason is that the rug pads absorb the impact of feet and noise. In turn, the neighbors in your downstairs will feel comfortable. Also, you will not have to feel uncomfortable when jumping up and down for your cardio workout sessions with rug pads.
  2. It prevents falling accidents. Rug pads will act as the grip and hold the rug in place to prevent sliding. Even, it will keep your rug from developing wrinkles. In turn, the risk of falls, trips, and slips can be avoided.
  3. It protects your floor. It is natural that you will be concerned about your furniture scratching the costly floors. With rug pads, they will take the hit. In turn, your floor and your costly investment on the floor will remain safe. Even, you will come across water-resistant rug pads that will safeguard your floor from spills.
  4. It prolongs the life of your rug. When you have rugs without pads, your rug fibers get compressed with day-to-day walking on them. But, rug pads can provide support to the rugs like the foundation safeguard your home. The density of the rug pad safeguards the pile of your rug. In turn, it helps the rug to spring back with ease. Even, it will reduce friction and will make vacuuming easier.

8x10 rug pad

Area rug pads:

If you plan to buy area rug pads to safeguard your area rugs, you will find them made using different materials like those below:

Natural rubber pads:

They are the best for safeguarding your rugs from sliding on hard-surface floors.

Combination of natural rubber and felt:

This material will combine the benefits of a supportive felt pad and a non-slip rubber pad.

Non-slip rug pads:

non slip rug pad

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When you choose non-slip rug pads, it will keep the corners of the rug. In turn, it will ensure evenness. In general, rugs wear from bottom-up based on strength. So, it would be a good idea to use a quality rug pad.

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Felt Rug Pads:

This type will be the best for large rugs that are anchored well by furniture. The good thing about a felt rug pad is that it will offer a comfortable and dense layer of cushioning for larger rugs. You will come across felt rug pads in different sizes.

anchor grip rug pad


If you intend to achieve better gripper of your rugs to the floor, rug pads can be the right investment. Further, you can ensure the best protection of your hardwood floors with these pads.

There are times of course when you need a pad for your runner rug.  We have you covered there as well with runner rug pads.

runner rug pad

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