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  • Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + GardenMelissa @ The Inspired Roomon April 24, 2020 at 10:00 am

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + GardenMelissa @ The Inspired Roomon April 24, 2020 at 10:00 am

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Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

Calling all plant ladies! Or…plant killers? Lol! Which one are you? I used to think of myself as a plant killer, but these days I feel like I can call myself much more of a true plant lady. Not that I don’t have the occasional plant casualty, I do, but I definitely have more successes than I used to.

Plants need TLC, just like people do.

Get your happy plant home + garden concentrate here!

As promised last week (better late than never, right?) I’m here today to share more about the essential oil spray I use to keep my fiddle leaf fig leaves looking shiny and lush (I call it my Happy Plant Spray) and another plant spritzer we make to keep our succulents happy and healthy!

You’ll find the details on how to get the spray and the recipe in this post, below!

I love having thriving houseplants, lush gardens and a clean and sparkling house. They all make me so happy! But I don’t want to use toxic stuff to grow plants or clean our food or home. We use safe plant-based products and pure essential oils for all of our daily cleaning and plant care rituals now. I feel so confident in using them around the plants, people and pets I love!

The happy plant spray I use on my fiddle leaf is actually the same spray I use to clean my house! Yes, really! It’s plant-based and toxin-free. It’s safe for all of us, plant and people!

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

Recent studies backed by 20 years of research show that cleaning your home with many well-known cleaners, even as little as once a week, is as DAMAGING over time to your respiratory system and lung tissue as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 YEARS. UGH!!!

Years ago I suffered from all kinds of symptoms related to toxic-overload from every day products (I have an auto-immune disease), so I became extremely cautious about what I would bring into our home. I feel so much better now.

Even if you don’t have obvious health symptoms or concerns right now, it’s pretty clear damage is being done by toxic products. I’ve seen so many needless reports lately of adults and children being poisoned by household cleaning rituals.

Emergency room visits after simply cleaning your produce or kitchen? No thank you.

Why are toxic household products still a thing?

Most of the cleaning products that are available at the grocery store include many harmful chemicals including ammonia, chlorine bleach and other disinfectant compounds. Packaging and marketing tricks can be so deceiving. Even if we buy so-called “natural products” they do not have to disclose what they mean by certain general terms (such as “fragrance” or “natural” or “includes essential oils” or “plant-based ingredients.” The very fact that they do not disclose all of the details means they should not be in your home. They may claim to have “natural or plant-based ingredients” but that alone doesn’t tell you what you are breathing in. I used to fall for that, too, before I knew to research.

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

Here are some highlights from a recent study about cleaning products:

  • It included over 6000 male and female subjects with the average age of 34 at the beginning of the study and 54 at the conclusion of it.
  • The participants used both spray and liquid home cleaning products.
  • Their lung capacity was tested regularly.
  • Results were compiled by 28 top researchers from 9 different countries.
  • This study found that women are affected far more than men….which makes perfect sense since women typically use more cleaning products than men.
  • Cleaning at home is just as harmful as being an occupational cleaner if not more so. The “cleaning at home” group saw the same decrease in lung health as the “occupational cleaning” group.

Interestingly, liquid cleaners were found to be just as dangerous as sprays. The researchers originally suspected that products in a spray would be more harmful/dangerous than those applied as a liquid, gel or wipe. But according to the study, that’s not true. They are all harmful. Our skin is our biggest organ. What we put ON our skin goes into our body just as what we spray goes into our lungs.

How do you know what is safe to use?

One ingredient I always avoid is anything with the term “fragrance” on the label. Fragrance can be any number of ingredients so it’s misleading. Instead, look for labels and brands that fully disclose all specific ingredients. “Fragrance-free” products may still contain respiratory irritants, allergens and asthmagens. That’s why it is so important to know what you are buying (and it’s super important to trust the brand you are buying from!).

How do you know which brand is safe?

Does the brand disclose all of their ingredients? Are they meticulous about testing their products and where they acquire their ingredients? Are they committed to the purity of the plants and ingredients that go into their product line? Do they have purity and quality guarantees? Those are good questions to ask and things to research so you can make the decision that is safest for your family.

It is a bit tedious to have to research it all in the beginning, but worth it. That’s why I started ordering all of my household and personal care products through Young Living years ago. I did the research for our family and I have felt safe ever since! Now I order everything from household cleaners to cosmetics and personal care products there because I can trust them around people I love. If you are already a member, you know what I mean! (and Thieves household cleaner is the best, yes?)

The Thieves plant-based cleaner is amazing, but it’s so affordable, too. It’s less than $1 per bottle (!!!!) because you buy it as a concentrate (the smaller bottle of concentrate is $22) and make it yourself as you need it in a spray bottle, just add a capful of cleaner and fill with water! You’ll get so many bottles of cleaner, you’ll be shocked (It can make about 30 bottles out of one concentrate). Plus you can use it for so many things around the house you won’t have to buy other products to clean, so it’s truly the best!

Not only does Thieves cleaner clean our house really well, most of all I’m grateful that it keeps our family (and our plants!) happy and healthy, too.

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

I LOVE using my plant-based household cleaner to clean pretty much everything in our home. It never lets me down. I clean all of our patio furniture, our white slipcovers, our rugs, our counters, our bathrooms, appliances, windows, and as I mentioned previously, it even works great on plants! I use it to mist and dust my fiddle leaf fig’s leaves. I had to trim my fiddle leaf back last summer and I was worried that I might have killed it but no, it’s absolutely thriving! Plant WIN!

Ps…remember this tale of my fiddle leaf fig fail? (Say that 5 times fast haha!) The fiddle leaf I have now is a different guy, but I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things since then! I just realized I named my current fiddle leaf fig “Phil”…which is incidentally the name of my last fiddle leaf fig. I should get more creative with my plant names. 😉

My Happy Plant Spray + Recipe:

All I do to keep the Fiddle shiny and happy these days (besides watering it!) is add about a capful of Thieves Household cleaner (yes, the Happy Plant Spray is the same household cleaning product I use to safely clean the entire house!) in a 16 ounce spray bottle filled with water and then mist / dust the leaves. Easy!

Get your Thieves household cleaner, my happy plant home + garden concentrate here

I still water the plant as usual about every 10 days, but the misting is nice in between. Our fiddle leaf seems happiest in bright but indirect light. Mostly he likes to be left alone, so other than watering and dusting him, I don’t fuss over him too much.

If you’re on Instagram you can watch me make the Happy Plant Spray HERE. You can also use the household cleaner to make a cleaning paste, a scrub, a spot cleaner and so much more! I share lots of simple tips and recipes on my Dwell Well Collective instagram, so feel free to watch our story highlights! I also send recipes and tips out to members in my newsletter so you’ll have lots of fun with this!

By the way, I got this new embossing label maker recently and am a wee bit obsessed. It’s a great price and easy to use so I’ve been inspired to run around the house and label all the things (including my cleaning bottles!!

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

I also made up a smaller plant spritz awhile back for our succulents with a few drops of Tea Tree, Purification and Lavender. You do want to be careful with the care of succulents as they don’t want much water, so just a little spritz of this spray seems to keep them fresh and happy.

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

You’ll find the recipe for the aphid spray I used on my roses in this post (I just added it to the post, a few were asking about it the other day!).

This year I’ll be using various oils in our vegetable garden to repel pests, too! I’ll share more on the success of that as we get going. We already use them to wash produce (we use Young Living’s fruit and veggie wash). It works SO WELL and I have no worries about what is ending up on our vegetables.

It’s easy to make Happy Plant Sprays! Best of all, it’s wonderful to be able to create a happy healthy life for the people in your home!

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How to get your home + garden household cleaner and plant-based products:

Happy Plant Spray for Your Home + Garden

You can order the Thieves Household Cleaner and essential oil kits I recommend here. You don’t have to buy anything else if you don’t want to, just get the cleaner when you need it. There’s no further obligation at all. I use my account to get all of our products like dish and laundry soap, hand sanitizer, makeup, supplements, etc, but rest assured you never have to buy anything you don’t want.

If you are already one of my members or have an inactive account and you’d like to get going again, I’m happy to help answer any questions on how to order or get you on the right track. My member number is 3731456, if your account is no longer active you can get set up again.

FAQ & Video on Ordering:

Get your happy plant home + garden concentrate and other plant-based products here!

I just posted some FAQ in the highlights on my Dwell Well Collective Instagram. Feel free to watch those short videos here if you are not sure how ordering works. Promise, a YL account is just like getting a Costco membership except NO fees! It’s wonderful. Being a member of this wellness company is the best because you can develop a long-term trust of their company and product integrity. I actually went to two of Young Living’s farms last year and saw how they grow their plants, Their dedication to pure ingredients is impressive and the care that goes into all of the products all is reassuring and trusted by millions of members.

Please message me with questions! When you’re ready to order or reactivate your membership be sure to use my member number 3731456 and referral link to order (go to this page to order) so I can make sure you get the real deal on these products (so many counterfeits out there!) and so you get the best possible prices. I also send out tips and educational text classes to my members so you can learn how to use your oils and receive all of the wellness benefits, too!

I am confident from over five years of experience as a happy product user and visiting their farms that Young Living oils are safe, clean and super effective products, so that’s the brand I feel comfortable recommending when I’m sharing oils tips or recipes!

Plant Lady Tea Towel Source

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