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Kitchen Floor Mat Canvas (Bicycle Design) Review

Posted on February 21, 2015 By In Reviews With disabled comments

Floor cloths or canvas rugs can be used as an area rug might be used.  They should be used on a hard surface, i.e. not on top of carpet. They should be used indoors. Floor cloths are particularly suited for places where clean-up is needed on a frequent basis.  Dining rooms, entry ways and kitchens are prime places for a floor cloth. Floor cloths can provide protection for the floor.  This is particularly useful where hardwood floors are installed in areas of heavy use or cooking. Clean up for a floor cloth is simple and easy by using a damp mop.  They can be waxed, but we don’t usually recommend that process. Floor cloths can be made to have a very flat hem, as with a cut edge, making them useful for homes with seniors.  This is also a useful factor when placed near a doorway, and the door swing is minimal. These cloths are suitable for use in the kitchen, since they are meant to be placed on a hard surface like tile or wood (not carpet), and they can be swept and mopped. A little wax, applied once a year or so, helps keep them protected.


Product specifications:

  • Canvas floor mat for under the kitchen sink or any other area.
  • 24″ x 36″ Wipes off & protects floor.
  • Design from a collection of vintage images.
  • Suitable for framing too. Made like a giclee for the wall.
  • Made in USA


You can purchase Kitchen Floor Mat Canvas (Bicycle Design) over at Amazon.com.