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kitchen floor mat

Kitchen or Bath Mat 24″ by 36″ Review

Posted on September 23, 2015 By In Reviews , Shopping With disabled comments

Kitchen Sink Floor Mat and Bath Mats

kitchen sink floor mat

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best kitchen sink floor mat


Introducing the new model kitchen or bath mat by Caroline’s Treasures!

Animal prints seems to be this year trends for mats, particularly those in the kitchenn. Caroline’s Treasures released their latest collection and the models are simply adorable! The colors are rich and bright and the designs will make you fall in love.

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Schnauzer Wipe your Paws Kitchen or Bath Mat 24" x 36" KJ1221JCMT

This lovely model kitchen or bathroom mat is perfect for all the dog lovers who like fashion, or just want something different to spruce up their home. The prints are so cute, that you will want to have more than one of the dog printed rugs around your house.

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Prominent features:

  • Size - this colorful and awesome dog printed mat is 24x36 inches big, which is a common size in kitchen mats. You can fit it anywhere in the kitchen or in the bathroom and you can always enjoy the cute look of the dog’s face.
  • Anti-fatigue feature and fade resistant - so you can enjoy it for a long time.



This amazing mat is great for you if you want something more thrilling and different from your kitchen or bathroom mat.


Reported problems:

Wash with water only so as to prevent fading.


Concluding remarks:

This cute mat is the a great choice to make your kitchen or bathroom shine.