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A serapi rug is a kind of wool rug that is made from sheep with solid wool on its back. They are called serapi as they have four rugs on their backs, just like a shepherd's staff.

Wool can be classified as either Merino wool or mohair. One type of wool rug made from this two kinds of fibers is the scraps rug. The wool rug that can be considered as scrap is called a Persian wool rug.

Persian rug is also called thumbed, ruslim and serapi. These terms are derived from Persian rugs which were made centuries ago. Some people still consider Persian rug as scraps rug and call it by the same name. But this is not true. A serapi rug is a Persian wool rug that is made with the use of sheep that has been weaned after three years.

There are different types of wool which can be used to make a rug. It depends on the texture depends on the breed of sheep that is used. There are many types of wool that is used to make a rug. According to experts, they are all categorized into three categories.

First category is wool that has been split by using a wooden clipper or any similar device. The wool is split in two or even in more than two. These sheep type of wool is known as Split-Rugs. Second category is wool that has been split in one piece. This is known as Blank Wool.

Third category is wool that has been woven. Wool that has been woven has its yarn woven into a plait. This plait is then looped around a frame and cut in two. The woven wool has been rolled into a rug.

Now that you know what is a serapi rug, you should now be aware of what each part means. When it comes to Persian rugs, there are many different types of wool that are used to make them. This includes sheep wool, goats wool, and carpet wool. The sheep wool is often split and is called Split-Rugs.

Goat wool is actually considered sheep wool, but is used to make rugs. The goat's wool is classified as wool in a way that it has a wool on its back which resembles sheep's wool. This sheep type of wool is known as goatskin and is made with goats that have been weaned after three years. It is very soft and strong.

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